Transform Your

Company Into

A Human Encyclopedia

Human focused Knowledge Management. Get the answers you need from the people you trust, inside of the productivity and communication tools you use. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms.

ShoulderTap Expertise Management Software for Growing Teams

How It Works

Expertise management inside of Slack, Teams, Email, Asana, Trello and more.

Always just one command away

Simply type /shouldertap inside one of your Slack chats and ask your question.

slack wireframe of ShoulderTap application with new question

We find the perfect match for your question

ShoulderTap leverages NLP to automatically connect you and your question with the right person who has the perfect expertise to provide the needed insight.

slack wireframe of ShoulderTap application with group chat after match

Start getting the insights you need

After the expertise match is confirmed, ShoulderTap facilitates an introduction, creates a group chat, and leaves no hurdles to overcome for productive insight exchange to commence.

slack wireframe of ShoulderTap application with update prompt

Keep us in the loop with what you do

ShoulderTap makes keeping your expertise profile up to date as seamless as replying to a message in slack.

bubbles with integration icons; Slack, Google Drive, Asana, Outlook, Google Calendar, MSTeams

Integrated with your Productivity Tools

ShoulderTap is where you are! We effortlessly integrate to automatically gather expertise profile data and make workflow integrated suggestions for collaboration and insight exchange opportunities.

Analytics For Expertise Management

With ShoulderTap you gain visibility into the expertise of your company, helping you find the right person for the job, and informing workforce development. From individual knowledge graphs to a team breakdown of existing skills, ShoulderTap helps you to know what you know.

example conversation on ShoulderTap

Boost collaboration & productivity through AI

Knowldedge workers spend 20% of their time searching for insights. We leveraged our machine learning expertise from Stanford & Harvard, to build a model that helps you get to relevant insights quicker and make full use of the internal expertise of your organization.

Make Expertise Sharing
Your Competitive Advantage

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